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Reconciliation of the Heart: A weekend retreat for women of all ages!

Friday Feb. 17, 2017: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm; Saturday Feb. 18, 2017: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm;

& Sunday Feb. 19, 2017: 9:00 am -12:00 pm

Held at the lovely Niwot Inn (8 miles north of Boulder.) Staying overnight is optional, however it gives you a chance to really nurture and take good care of yourself. Rooms will fill up fast, so call now to make your reservation. 303-652-8452

“Women are hungry for something that’s missing in their lives, a place to connect. They say they feel increasingly isolated, invisible, stressed, and misunderstood. They say the news media, where I’d worked for 30 years, doesn’t accurately reflect their lives anymore. They say women on TV shows and in the movies certainly don’t either. They can’t believe how out-of-touch government is with whom women are today and what they need to survive.” 
Maria Shriver, The Shriver Report

Cost: 250.00 for the weekend. Includes coffee, tea, snacks, workbook & materials.

The following discounts may apply:

50% off for returning participants=$125.00

50% off for groups of two or more=$125.00 per person

20% off for registrations prior to Jan. 15, 2017 = $200.00

For More Information call 720-565-3388 or E-mail

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Note: The price of a room to stay overnight at The Niwot Inn is separate and

optional. The rooms will fill up fast, so call now to reserve. 303-652-8452

The Mandala as Meditation 

Carl Jung used the mandala in his personal and professional life as a lens into the unconscious. I have found the mandala to be a wonderfully healing mediation tool. Join me and my artist friend Karen Schultz on January 28, 2017 from 1:00-6:00 pm for a introduction to the mandala. The day includes the history of the mandala, a guided mediation, and an opportunity to make a personal mandala for the new year.

No experience necessary. All materials included.
Cost is 75.00 per person or 100.00 for two.

Sign up now by e-mailing, or call if you have any questions 720-565-3388



The Way of Mary Magdalen: October 2017


We are living in a wonderful time. As we uncover facts and information leading to the likelihood that Mary Magdalen was in fact Jesus’ wife and lover, it poses the question-“Why did we cut her out of the story?”

Historically we can see how the ancient Goddess Wisdom cultures were egalitarian. Men and women worked together with respect for the earth and all living things. About 2500 years ago that changed. Fear caused people to live in a way that upheld power and control. The dominator model then became the norm. Women were feared, as well as considered inferior to men.

Some people believe that Jesus came to restore the lost feminine. He taught lessons of love and kindness. His myth was one of surrender and sacrifice. The religious story tells us only about Him. Recent discoveries have lead us to question the idea of Jesus and Mary being teachers together, with Mary Magdalen continuing the teachings after his death.

What does is mean to have lost the feminine? What did Jesus and Mary come to teach us? What is the lost masculine? Why do we need more balance on the planet? Join me in France October 2017 to excavate your true self and connect to the inner and outer energies of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine and possibly discover your own inner answers to these questions.

The Way of Mary Magdalen from Junia Imel on Vimeo.

Save the date for OCTOBER 1-9, 2017 trip to France! Travel the journey of Mary Magdalen with tour guides Junia Imel from Divine Adventures and myself. This will be life-changing and transformative. Call 720-565-3388 for more info or e-mail me at